Update on Our Work towards Finding a New Pastor

Our leadership continues to work hard at making Zion a faithful, healthy, mission-oriented congregation that will be attractive to a new pastor.

These are some concrete things we have done:

1. We have led weekly discussions of our purpose statement. On Sunday mornings, we have met during the coffee hour and discussed one area of ministry at Zion at a time in light of our purpose statement: What are we already doing well to reach our purpose? What could we do better? What ministries could be added or omitted to help us focus on our mission as the people of God in this time and place?

2. We have decided to ask for more team members for the outreach committee, so it can lead us effectively in better hospitality. The pastors have offered a lot of materials and research that will help us reach our purpose of being a welcoming home to all. Training will be provided so that we can warmly welcome each visitor to our congregation and make him or her want to come back.

3. We are adding an in-reach committee. The first two tasks for this committee will be to gather and train our members for two functions: To make sure our shut-ins are visited on a regular basis, and to reach out to those from our congregation who we have not seen in a while. (We know some things have happened among us that might have hurt or upset you; please forgive and give Zion another chance; we miss you!)

4. We have noticed the gift of several young adult showing interest in Zion recently; some have even joined our congregation. We are now looking into possibilities to offer them a young adult ministry that helps them to grow in faith and that might attract more people of that age group to our congregation.

All of these efforts can only be effective towards becoming a thriving church and finding a new pastor if they are supported by the members of our congregation. Please prayerfully consider:

-Joining our Sunday morning discussions of the purpose statement.
-Becoming part of the in-reach and out-reach teams.
-Praying for the young adult ministry rising up among us.
-Praying for the health, wellbeing, and faithfulness of Zion.

Yours in Christ,
The Council of Zion Church