Organ Fund Update, August 2017

  • Posted on: 9 September 2017
  • By: iduerr

As chairman of the Zion Church Organ Fund, I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all members and friends who continue to make contributions throughout the year. Every dollar donated to the Organ Fund is designated towards debt reduction of Zion’s 2013 loan from the Mission Investment Fund, and is applied to the monthly payment of $2,500. In an effort to reduce the owed amount, the Finance Committee this year again endorsed an additional payment of $5,000 towards principal. As of June 30, 2017, the remaining balance on the MIF organ loan is $143,401. Thanks to your generous support over the past years, the original 2013 loan amount of $257,000 is gradually diminishing!

While giving to the Organ Fund has kept pace with monthly withdrawal amounts, this year’s fundraising efforts have not generated as much income as hoped. The mid-year fund balance will cover payments for the next three months. Therefore, Zion depends on your continued generosity in support of the Organ Fund in 2017.

We are grateful for the generous donation of over $1,000 from Zion’s Christmas Corner at the recent German Festival, thanks to the efforts of Betty Niemann. Additional fundraisers this fall will include an Organ Recital on October 15, beer stein sales at the Sour Beef Dinners, and the traditional Christkindlmarkt raffle prize imported from Germany. An April 2018 organ concert to be performed by nationally recognized organist Isabelle Demers is also planned.

Zion Church is well-known for its tradition of Lutheran liturgy and music. Since the September 2014 dedication of Zion’s restored organ, we have been fortunate to carry on that tradition with expressive worship music performed by organist John Heizer every Sunday. The presence of Zion’s distinctive organ has also elevated our reputation as a community music venue, with concerts by renowned organists Erich Plutz, Frederick Bahr, John Schwandt, and Henry Lowe, as well as performances by Bach in Baltimore. This has been made possible through the goodwill and faithful support of the Organ Fund by our members and friends.

To continue our ministry of music, please consider a portion of your giving to include a contribution or memorial gift to the Organ Fund. Thank you for your generous support!
Please send your donation to the Church Office, designated for ZION CHURCH ORGAN FUND.

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