St. Cecilia Fund

  • Posted on: 9 August 2014
  • By: Jeremy Gottwig

Fall 2014 is here, and so that means that everything is or has started up for the season, and a busy season it appears it will be. The choir will be returning September 21th for the special bi-lingual organ dedication service. So that gives me an opportunity to remind you of the importance of the St. Cecilia Fund.

As many of you know, the purpose of the St. Cecilia Fund is to provide financial support for the choir in addition to the regular music budget. We currently have seven professional singers in the choir and three volunteer members. While not a large group, the choir is able to provide a wide range of music for the church services in German, Latin and English. The members, professional and volunteer alike, are very dedicated to their task. And while the volunteers have been members of the church for many years, so have most of the professionals been ‘members’ for quite some time and become truly part of the Zion family.

The organ project is now complete and while we continue to raise funds for the loan payment with the Mission Investment Fund before us, we must continue to also raise funds for the St. Cecilia Fund. All of the choir members, volunteer and professional, and myself greatly appreciate your contributions. Only with your contribution can we maintain a full choir and maintain a regular schedule of choral music at the services.

Please use the form below to make your contribution.

John Heizer

Microsoft Office document icon St. Cecilia Fund Donation Form24 KB